Pre-K Parents - Teaching Path to Library is Teaching Path to Empowerment

This morning I will be addressing a group of Pre-K parents at East Houma Elementary.  I have a list of services to pitch to them - story times, books, DVDs, magazines, computer access, AWE machines, Tumblebooks, National Geographic Kids, and our TLC Children's Catalog.  

But most importantly, I will be encouraging them to take their children to the library to give them keys to the world that they will need in different ways all their lives.  We all have our comfortable paths.  One of the most empowering things a parent can do is establish a comfortable regular path to the library.  Students have access to school libraries for at most 16-18 years.  The public library can be a bit help with homework while in school, make it easier to apply to colleges, provide resources and quiet study space until graduation.  After graduation, the public library is the place to go to job hunt, to build your own business, to meet with clients and clubs.  The library can help you make sense of confusing health diagnosis, and make health decisions based on facts.  The public library will save you money on entertainment, cookbooks, home repair, and can help you access training to help you earn more to support your family.

When you are in the nursing home, we will visit you and bring you books and access to technology like iPads.

Taking your child to the library, teaching them the path, means they can learn how to do anything they need to do at any time in life they might need to.  Teaching that path empowers them for life.